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PRP Therapy

We are so happy that Living Well Wellness is able to offer PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy to our wonderful patients at both our Daytona Beach and Fern Park, Florida locations

This revolutionary treatment expedites the regeneration of injured tissue by delivering a high concentration of platelet rich plasma to a wounded area. Even more amazingly, PRP also relieves pain and promotes healing!

This rapidly emerging technique is showing exciting potential for many health conditions such as:
Musculoskeletal conditions
Meniscus tear treatment
General chronic pain management such as: shoulders, hips, neck, back, knees, ACL, rotator cuff tears, etc.

This amazing new non-surgical treatment relieves pain, promotes permanent healing, and averts the need for surgery!



Similar to a blood draw for lab testing, extracting PRP is a simple procedure. A small sample of your blood is drawn, then put into a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds which isolates the platelets from other components in the blood. This produces a concentration of platelet rich plasma that is then injected into and around the point of injury. This process jump starts and strengthens the healing signals to the body and, because your own blood is used, the risk of a transmissible infection is eliminated. Leading orthopedic specialists have introduced PRP therapy to treat damaged cartilage, tendon, ligament, or even bone. The amazing aspect of this procedure is that it is exactly how the body normally heals and repairs itself. In some injury cases, the tissues (cartilage, tendon, ligament) often lack the necessary blood supply that draws these platelets into the injured area, thus PRP therapy has been proven to initiate a totally natural process. 


This cutting edge non-surgical orthopedic medicine, performed safely in our medical office takes only one to two hours, including prep and recovery time. Most people return to their usual activities right after the procedure.

Please feel free to download these PRP therapy new patient forms to have ready upon your arrival to the clinic:

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Discrete appointments available!

For those looking for more privacy, at an additional cost we can book you a discrete appointment where you will be brought in through our back entrance and see the doctor directly.

Please call/text to book your discrete appointmentt

Two convenient Florida locations

Daytona Beach, Florida

425 N Peninsula Dr #175, Daytona Beach, FL 32118, USA

Fern Park​, Florida

2909 Lakeview Dr. Fern Park, FL 32730, USA



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